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Applications that we excel at

Moves or new installations are stressful.  We will take care of all aspects of your move or new installation giving you one less thing to worry about, and with minimal down time for your company.

  • Specializing in Samsung Business telephones

  • Certified Technicians

  • Toshiba business telephones

  • Norstar business telephones

  • Engenious Analog systems

  • In house Voicemail systems, or Service Carrier Voicemails

  • Sales and service of existing systems of all the above

  • Interconnect to your Service Carriers (exp. Telus, AT&T etc.)

Hopsen Technologies can also help with the organization of your existing telephone room to look clean and professional. Whether your Company is in an older building with sealed ceilings or a new building with drop ceilings we can help with all your cable issues.

  • CAT5, CAT5E & CAT6 cable

  • Riser runs from your service carriers telephone room to your company's telephone room

  • A wide variety of Jacks (exp. Siemon, Leviton, Acton etc.)

  • Patch panels – Wall mounted or rack mounted depending on your needs

  • Bix connections

  • Terminations of jacks

  • All finishings with faceplates or surface mount boxes

  • Patch cords & accessories

Moves or new installations of your Network equipment

  • Sales and Service of all networking racks from locking cabinets, wall mounted, floor mounted, etc.

  • Switches, Routers, modems, etc.

  • Specializing in Cisco equipment

  • Starlink satellite systems, increase speeds in remote locations


Security for your business or home

  • Different cameras for all your needs

  • PoE NVR

  • CAT 6 cable runs for faster speeds

  • Sales, Service and Installation of all the above

  • Monitor camera's on a screen or from your cellular phone

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